my philosophy: re-connect to you

whatever your problem, it boils down to this: you've disconnected from some aspect of your essential self. Either because it's shameful, or painful, or because you believe there isn't room for it in the hectic pace of your life.

Poor self-care. Lack of money. Relationship problems. Body struggles. Trauma.

These things are all real enough. But the disconnection under them is the same. None of them will resolve for good by addressing them at face value. You have to get to the root to free yourself from the weed.


My method is specifically designed to reconnect you to your essential self. Whatever the surface problems, they naturally fall away as we begin to address the root causes of your unconscious choice to disconnect.

It's not about finding a quick-fix or making you feel happy all the time. My work will give you the tools to handle anything life throws at you, without having to disconnect from who you truly are to survive.

You have everything you need inside yourself to heal. You've just forgotten how to access it. Work with me, and chart the map to your own inner knowing. Take the time to heal the root, and you'll be free for good.