Rebecca Stone

"Working with Rebecca over the past few months has changed the course of my life for the better...I have a lot of childhood trauma that was buried deep, I struggle a lot with feeling worthy of love, and thanks to Rebecca I have made leaps and bounds over wounds that before I didn't want to touch. I am experiencing transformations of my spirit that I didn't think were possible, especially in such a short amount of time." -RJ, Ithaca NY


"rebecca is amazing."

"...she is incredibly collaborative and really puts her all into each and every session. she goes into each session with the collective mindset of your highest good and truly lets something greater take over. there's no alternative motivation or agenda. Rebecca is the REAL deal and you would be blessed to let her heal you!" -V., social worker, Los Angeles

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"After several sessions I hate to use the term but I had a breakthrough. She was able to help me connect to my highest purpose and start pursuing my passion. I was able to see with her assistance that my dreams are within reach and I can teach myself to see my worth in my day-to-day life. Prior to that session I felt lost and had some inklings of what I would want to do with my life but I had strong belief systems in place that prevented me from walking towards those goals.

Rebecca's work with me has empowered me with a sense of optimism and confidence that I definitely did not possess before. She helped me form my own spiritual connection independent of doing sessions with her. I have a capacity to meditate and find quick perspective of what troubles me in my day-to-day life. If you have the privilege of working with her you will definitely find yourself with an improved perspective of yourself and the world you create around you.” - RD, New York NY


"I felt a sense of clarity, peace and oneness to my core..."

"before my experience with rebecca I was in an emotional and spiritual quagmire...rebecca created a space where I could be vulnerable and authentic to receive her gifts. after our session I felt a sense of clarity, peace and oneness to my core. I was left feeling inspired and ready to celebrate in the growth and challenges of this experience we call life." -T., model + writer, Cape Town

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