Osho said, "be realistic--plan for a miracle." Easy to say--but what stops us from actually living it? I've spent my life investigating the crucial ingredients required for change to take root in a human being. It's my favorite question to consider, and in a way, my method answers it. I only do what I do because it works--my clients change. I'm never done investigating and new techniques emerge all the time. That's the fun of it for me.

What I've discovered is that at the root of our inability to change is a lack of imagination. An inability to imagine something different than what is, except in terms of what we don't want. Look at the world and it's easy to spot this--communist revolutions fought doggedly against totalitarian regimes, only to turn around and reproduce the same thing. No one thought about what to do after they won the fight.

On an individual level our neural programming, epigenetic inheritance and our sense of purpose interact to create a framework for possibility. Our imaginations are fenced in by our wiring, our experiences and how much meaning we're able to find in our lives. These very real forces conspire against us and we find ourselves trapped in the same old reel, unaware of the million other possibilities that are present to us in this very moment.