i use...

  • ancient breathing techniques
  • modern meditations to rewire the brain's neural pathways
  • psychodramatic exercises
  • energy work
  • compassionate inquiry
  • intuitive guidance
  • indigenous ceremonial practices
  • voice dialoguing
  • guided visualizations

We'll Resolve...

  • negative thought patterns and core limiting beliefs

  • self-judgment and self-doubt

  • destructive behavior patterns

  • feelings of disconnect from your body and your heart

  • fear of authentic self-expression

  • intergenerational trauma held in your DNA and energy body

  • childhood & sexual trauma stored in the body's cells and brain's neural pathways

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You'll Leave...

  • connected to your intuition, your heart's desire and the things that bring you joy

  • confident to be and express your authentic self

  • able to honor the full range of emotions you experience

  • inspired by a deep and meaningful sense of purpose

  • re-committed to self-love and self-responsibility

  • equipped with the tools to support yourself

  • grounded in & connected to your body

  • having integrated traumatic experiences if you have them; and/or having released the experiences from the cells of your body