Rebecca Stone

the integration method


there is so much about this world that we just don't know.

the integration method exists on the tender edge where neuroscience + energy medicine overlap: the place where science has documented the results, but can't explain the cause.

clients call it "profound and remarkably effective.” participants say it’s"transformative and liberating."

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the integration method might operate in a gray area of miracles, but results like these are no accident. there are four key components that set the method apart and ensure it provides the desired transformation.


felt sense

the integration method assumes that the body is an archive. of information, experiences, ancestral connections, and unexpressed emotion. the integration method addresses chronic patterns of tension and nervous system imbalance to restore equilibrium. it teaches clients to work with their bodies and their physical sensations to facilitate transformation on all levels.

science + energy

the integration method is the first approach to consciously and intentionally fuse science and intuition. combining the most magical of scientific innovations with the most practical of energy medicine techniques, the integration method harnesses the benefits of energy medicine and applies them in an attachment-based and neuroscience-informed framework.

mission centric

the integration method facilitates transformation without requiring a spiritual practice or belief in a higher power. instead, it focuses on clients' mission (/purpose) as the driving influence of their lives. this allows everyone, regardless of spiritual or religious beliefs, to access the benefits of healing. it also teaches clients to design their lives around the impact they hope to make.

change mastery

the integration method was created from the belief that periods of transition or upheaval are uniquely powerful moments for transformation. a key element of this approach is teaching clients the tools to approach change, whether welcome or unexpected, as an opportunity to refocus oneself on the mission (/purpose) they are pursuing. this mindset change is a lifelong shift for many.

you don't need to understand the details to experience the change in yourself. still curious? check out this post for a fat reading list.

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Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 5.44.19 PM.png