My Core Values

My core values inform every decision in my business, be it strategic planning for the next five years or what question to ask a client in the next five minutes. My core values add structure to a business model otherwise run on intuition. Knowing my core values as a practitioner will help you decide if working with me is a good fit. Enjoy!



I view imagination as a crucial ingredient in transformation. if we cannot imagine anything beyond our current reality, we are doomed to continue recreating what we know. in order to have a new experience, we must first stretch our minds to envision it as a possibility. in my personal life, the value of imagination serves as the starting point for most things I do. in my work, imagination has allowed me to create innovative healing strategies that treat trauma. I teach my clients the value of imagination by encouraging them to use it in various meditations, exercises, and moments during sessions.


presence can be defined as "being with what is." another way to think of it is being "fully here," not in the past or the future, but in the NOW. cultivating presence is a top priority for me, and all of my own spiritual work has ultimately been about being still and listening. presence allows me to hold space for clients in a deep and intimate way. my work fosters greater presence in my clients because it requires them to actively participate in their healing. by checking in with clients throughout the session and teaching them to be mindful of their bodily sensations, intuitive thoughts, and inexplicable instincts (i.e. "i don't know why, but I want to...") I show clients the practical, day-to-day value of presence, and the valuable information it offers when making decisions both in and outside of sessions.


I believe in working WITH my clients to create change. I believe that clients are the experts when it comes to their problems and their life and I respect the wisdom they have about themselves. by valuing clients' perspective, I create sessions that support the leading edge of clients' growth without pushing them too far at once.


one definition of integrity is when a person's words, thoughts, actions and feelings are all in alignment. I prioritize my own integrity by holding myself accountable to mentors and supervisors, and by continuing to do my own personal work. looking at what i'm splitting off, projecting or judging, and addressing it quickly with trusted supports, makes me a better practitioner. with clients, integrity serves as the goal-post of my work. all sessions are designed to foster greater harmony between clients' mind/body/spirit. my work seeks to integrate split-off parts so that everything works together. I show clients what integrity looks like and help them to find this alignment within themselves. while there are core moral/ethical values that are shared by most human beings, true integrity looks different from one person to another. I encourage clients to define integrity and alignment for themselves, and I help them to do so through compassionate inquiry.


the core value of compassion informs every aspect of my reality. my relationship to myself, my relationship to others, and my choice to see the world as basically a safe place all come from my practice of compassion. I offer clients this same unconditional love and acceptance, creating a space in which they can ease into whatever they are feeling.


basically, this means doing things even when you are scared shitless. it means prioritizing spiritual growth and getting comfortable with discomfort. my whole business was founded on courage. I require courage from my clients too, but first I give them the tools to handle their fear. I'm willing to lead the way by continuing to step outside my own comfort zone! I inspire my clients to face the aspects of themselves they avoid, first by calling their attention to those parts and then by offering them tools to love that part instead. I teach clients what courage looks like, how it can be gentle, and how it can be lived alongside our fears.