A Note on Ethics

I believe in clear boundaries outlining exactly what I AM doing, what people can expect, what I can help with and what I can't. Ethical guidelines don't really exist for healing practitioners, so I created my own! While none of these things are legally required of me, I believe accountability and ethics are of tantamount importance in my field. When someone works with me, they are placing their trust not solely in my judgment but in a series of checks and balances that ensure I am able to do my job with integrity.

1. I only offer sessions in modalities I am certified to use. To see a list of my certifications, please visit the about page.

2. I continue to receive supervision from mentors and trained professionals in my field. I study continuously with my mentor Polly, I receive supervision from Anthony Abbagnano of Alchemy of Breath, and I attend a monthly training group for therapists run by renowned psychodrama facilitator Tian Dayton.

3. I continue to pursue further training and education. I am currently continuing my studies in both BBTR and Alchemy styles of breathwork. 

4. Everything I do is approved by EMPA. This professional association offers accreditation and liability protection for a variety of energy medicine practices. All my offerings have been investigated and approved by them.

Still have questions about my code of ethics, or curious about something else? I'd love to hear from you! Shoot me an email here.