Rebecca Stone



i was born knowing that i was here for something larger than myself. it also became apparent quickly that i didn’t have the tools to be who i wanted - there was too much programming, emotion and fear in the way. everything i’ve studied has been my roadmap to aligning what i know in my heart, with the person i am in the world. you can read more about my qualifications below.


the people who come to me already know they are here for something larger than themselves, and they already know they are more than this ‘self.’ my work is an offering of my accumulated knowledge. it’s a roadmap, rather than a turning-over of the healing process. my clients resonate with personal sovereignty. rather than doing their work for them, i give them the tools they need to align within themselves.

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  • 500hrs Alchemy of Breath certified practitioner

  • 500hrs Thetahealing certified practitioner (basic, advanced, M&A, IA, dig deeper, DNA3, 7 planes, world relations, game of life, wealth consciousness)

  • 200hrs Foundation for Shamanic Studies certified master practitioner (entire core curriculum)

  • 100hrs Reiki certified practitioner Level I/II

  • 100hrs Clarity breathwork training Level I/II

  • 200hrs BBTR breathwork training Level I/II

  • 100hrs BBTR special skills training in Developmental Trauma


  • 1,000hrs facilitating 1:1 sessions

  • 400hrs Apprenticeship with Polly Green, mentor

  • 800hrs Work experience as a social worker/play therapist at Association to Benefit Children, Harlem

  • Studied social work at Hunter College (1 year)

  • 25hrs Training Lucia Cappacione's voice dialogue method

  • 150hrs Psychodrama group participant


  • Apprenticeship with Polly Green, 15hrs/mo

  • Supervision with Maria Kratsios LCSW, 1hr/mo

  • Psychodrama training group with Tian Dayton, 4hrs/mo

  • Pursuing Level IV certification as BBTR breathwork practitioner

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“i am experiencing transformations of my spirit that i didn’t think were possible, especially in such a short amount of time…” -r.j., ny

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