Rebecca Stone


“i came to rebecca not knowing entirely what to expect. i was pretty skeptical about healing work but the results were astounding.” -r., nyc/la



approach your body as an archive and work with the felt sense to facilitate gentle, permanent transformation. my proprietary method blends shamanic practices, breathwork, guided meditation and bioenergetics to recalibrate the nervous system and restore harmony on all levels. 90 min. 

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harness the brain’s electrical currents and redirect them to rewire neural pathways and facilitate permanent transformation. my proprietary method blends dialogue, meditation, psychodrama and visualization exercises to release limiting beliefs or experiences and replace them with new, positive thought patterns. 60 min.

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these sessions are designed to address and heal the aspects of trauma that cannot be accessed through traditional therapy. working with the nervous system and the limbic/reptilian areas of the brain, we will gently and patiently allow the body to release cellular memories of trauma for good.

deepen your relationship with your physical being, restore balance to the nervous system, release sexual/body shame, feel safe in your body and learn what it truly means to be 'grounded.' ideal for cultivating presence in the body and becoming free of trauma symptoms.

for more information on trauma recovery, please contact me here. single sessions are not available for this work.

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